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Tell Me You Get Lonely chords - Frankie Ballard

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                Capo 3

G Cadd9 G Cadd9

Cadd9         G
I bet you're kickin yourself for lettin me walk away
Cadd9      G
makin youself a list of things you wish you didn't say
Cadd9         G                          D
sitting by the phone hoping it's gonna ring

                 Cadd9                  G
Tell me you get lonely when it's cold outside
                    Cadd9               G
tell me that you're only barely gettin by
                   Cadd9                             G
I need to know it hurts every time that you hear my name
              Em              D                     G Cadd9 G Cadd9
it ain't the same without me girl, tell me you get lonely

Cadd9                G
Sometimes you're up all night cryin over me
Cadd9              G
you've gotta take off of work to catch up on your sleep
Cadd9                G                 D
but that just don't work now does it baby


Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D

                Cadd9                 G
Tell me you get lonely and I'll come back
                       Cadd9                   G
all you've gotta do is call me my bags been packed
              Cadd9            G       D
I'm dying of pride but i want you to know
            Cadd9                   G
That I get lonely when it's cold outside
           Cadd9              G
baby I'm only barely gettin by
           Cadd9                            G
it still hurts every time that i hear your name
              Em                D
it ain't the same without you girl
              Cadd9 G
baby I get lonely
              Cadd9 G
yea i get lonely
          Cadd9          G
tell me you get lonely too
         Cadd9           G
tell me you can get lonely

Cadd9 G

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