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1000 Dollar Car chords - Bottle Rockets

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This is a great(and simple) song that I figured out today.
It's by the Bottle Rockets. I cannot believe these guys don't
get more radio play! Anyway, my name is Steve Brownell and 
this is for Hilary.

Em  G  D C x2

Em                             G 
Thousand dollar car it ain't worth nothin'
D                                C
Thousand dollar car it ain't worth sh*t.
Em                              G
Might as well take your $1000,
D                  C
and set fire to it.
Em                     G     
$1000 car ain't worth a dime,
D                             C
You lose your $1000 every time.
Em                     D
Oh why did I ever buy,
a $1000 car.
Em                        G
$1000 car is gonna let you down,
D                                   C
More than it's ever gonna get you around.
Em                                  G
Replace your gaskets and paint over your rust,
D                                                            C
You'll still end up with something that you'll never trust.
Em               G         
$1000 car's life was through,
D                                      C
'bought 50,000 miles 'fore it got to you.
Em                     D
Oh why did I ever buy,
a $1000 car.
A $1000 car ain't even gonna roll,
G                                        C
til you throw at least another thousand in the hole.
Sink your money in it, and there you are
C                                      D     
the owner of a 2,000 dollar 1,000 dollar car.
(guitar solo)
Em                       G
If you've only got a $1000. 
D                                          C                     
You ought to just buy a good  guitar. 
Em                             G
Learn how to play it it'll take you farther, 
D                          C
than any old $1000 car.
Em                                       G
If a $1000 car was truly worth a damn,
D                                          C
then why would anybody ever spend ten grand.
Em                     D
Oh why did I ever buy,
a thousand dollar car.

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