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Gravity Fails chords - Bottle Rockets

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                Capo II  

Intro - Em

C		      D                       G		      Em
Look at me I’m Mr. Spaceman 	Out of Control Again
Stumbling Over Words again	And Finished Before I even begin

             C		                 D                 G		              Em
When Gravity Fails and I’m falling down    Glued to the ceiling – spinning Around
           C             D           Em
Well that’s when I’m counting on you
C		            D                   G		            Em
Calling you my better half –       Was Always Good for a laugh
But it’s not always such a laugh   When I think that you’re not coming back


Riff 2 x --- Lead
    Em                    Em	       	G		                	G
I know I’m asking for too much	  And I know I’m always saying stuff
And I mess up so much stuff	And sticking with the fool is tough

      C		            D                       G		            Em
But baby I’m saying please please please	Down on my baby blue blue jeans
Maybe it’s something in my genes	Maybe it’s something in my jeans

             C		           D                    G		              Em
When Gravity Fails and I’m falling down    Glued to the ceiling – spinning Around
           C               D                  G		              Em
Well that’s when I’m counting on  that’s when I’m counting on
           C                 D	      Em
Yeah that’s when I’m counting on you

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