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Blind chords - Bottle Rockets

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Bottle Rockets - Blind

C                                         F     (Fm?)
There was a lonely guy he always wondered why
                      C                      G    G7
He couldnt catch the girls whod catches his eye
                         C                        F   (Fm?)
The ones that turned to him they never turned him on
                   C    G                   C                  
They all seemed so plain they all seemed so wrong

Well theres two young lovers there the best of friends

Got everything in common except the color of their skin

They hate to think about it but they cant ignore

Her family lets him in but leaves the welcome at the door


                F                      C
If everyone was blind would we be surprised
   G                            C     C7
At who become important in our lives
            F               C         C/B   Am      
Our own two eyes can be our own worst enemey              
                C    G                 C      
If we all where blind I wonder what we see

There the American Idol in that limousine

Shes got the sold out shows the clothes the body so young and lean

Well shes the total package except for just one thing

She ain't got much talent no she can barely sing

Repeat Chorus 2X then fade out

I am not sure about the Fm's
They sound good when I play it though I don't hear them on the recording 

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