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Heartbreakin' Wreck chords - Boxmasters

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                Heartbreakin' Wreck


E                                       B
Believe me buddy, she's hot as hell and smart as a whip
  C#m             A                E               B
I think about her day and night my dreams are on a trip
    E                          B
I'm livin' on the edge and I'm nearly fallin' off
   C#m                           B
My head's as hard as ever but my heart is gettin' soft
        A              B                E
She's a heart, she's a heart...breakin' wreck

    C#m                      A
She drove me to a place that I have never been
On a road that leads to nowhere but I wanna see the end
        A              B7               E
She's a heart, she's a heart...breakin' wreck

SOLO: B  C#m  A  E  B  E  B  C#m  B
      C#m  B  A  B

She's a heart, she's a heart...breakin' wreck

I know that she can tie me down and never twist my arm
But somethin' in my memory bank tells me I'll buy the farm
Before I throw the towel in friend please give me some advice
Before this cocktail waitress puts my burnin' heart on ice
She's a heart, she's a heart...breakin' wreck


She's a heart, she's a heart...breakin' wreck
She's a heart, she's a heart...breakin' wreck 

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Buy Boxmasters CD

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