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Santa Rosa chords - Boxmasters

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                Santa Rosa
K. Loggins

INTRO: E  A  E  A  E  B  A  E

           E         A
Seems like 10 years ago
         E              A
Though today my mind is slow
       E                A                 B
Me and Nicky Craig were runnin' west from Idaho
         E                 A
Robbed a train to get some bread
           E          A
Seems like 15 men lay dead
     E                B                 A     E
In a path that led us straight to Santa Rosa

Now and then old Nicky'd say
Boy at home you should've stayed
Than to follow me and learn a life of lookin' back
But he'd spin and slap his side
Just to see if he was alive
Then he'd sing his banjo song of Santa Rosa

He said whoa-ooh-whoa
        A        E
Singin' oh Santa Rosa
High and low, oooh-ooh
         E            A
Then one day sang old Craig
        E             A
I'll be free to go my way
       E               B            A    E
And be standin' by the bay at Santa Rosa


Now one time late at night
Nicky lit no firelight
'Cause he feared the posse close behind might flush us out
But he picked a bit 'fore sleep
To the tune of "Cripple Creek"
He was murdered by a man from Santa Rosa

He shot him whoa-ooh-whoa
        A        E
Singin' oh Santa Rosa
        A        E
Singin' oh Santa Rosa
High and low, ooh-ooh
       E          A
'Til I come once again
        E             A
With my banjo-pickin' friend
         E           B            A    E
We'll be oh high and low in Santa Rosa


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