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I'll Give You A Ring chords - Boxmasters

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                I'll Give You a Ring
The Boxmasters

INTRO: G  C  G  D  C  D  G

   G                          C                  G
My britches got all tight the first time that we met
Not only were you beautiful, your mind seemed to be set
   C              D         G             C
On makin' me real happy and lettin' me be free
                   D                 C       D     G
TO be the man I've always been, just lettin' me be me

The first year went alright, even though we had our trials
And then I got eat up with bleedin' ulcers and the piles
I smelled a rat when I took out the trash one summer night
And found my can was full of s**t I'd had most all my life

    C          D           G            C
You say you're dream is to marry me someday
               D            G                     
Livin' here in sin together ain't the good Lord's way
    C              D                G               C
But I got news for you, and you can give the Lord a call
                         D             C       D       G
Tell Him I'll give you a ring when you give me back my balls


I used to chase the gals with Bill and Tom and Jack
But they said it's hard to hang with an empty sack
You sold my sports package on the satellite TV
But it's not the package that you took away from me

I think back to the girl I knew when we moved in
I'm not sure when she disappeared, or just where she has been
I barely recognize the house I'm pretty sure I bought
But I still got enough sense to know this catch ain't gettin' caught

        C               D             C       D       G
Darlin' I'll give you a ring when you give me back my balls 

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