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Look What I Found chords - Chris Cagle

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                Artist: Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle - Look at what I found

Intro chords: C-G - Am-G - C-G - F (2x's)

(verse 1)

       C                       Am7
For so long, I searched in desparation,
        G                          F
For one love, that would always be true,
        C                                Am7
I came close, but there was always complications,
           G                                 F
I finally decided there was nothing I could do,


      Am7               F
So I gave up and I let go,
       Dm             G             
And as soon as I did, wouldn't you know,


                    C   G       Am       
Just look at what I found, When I wasn't lookin,
             G                F
Look what I found, when I was just being me,
         C    G               Am            
I turned around, and love was mine for the takin,
              G          F    G    C
Look what I found, when she found me,

(verse 2)
Now there's a lotta lonely people out there wating,
And there's a lotta lonely people searching to,
But if you've got too many expectations,
You might miss the one who's right in front of you,

No tellin when, No tellin why,
She says hello and you'll know, you'll never say goodbye,

(go to chorus then lead)
(Lead chords are - C - Am - G - F)


     Am                           F    
And every single day I'm still surprised,
     Dm                    G ----------------
When I turned around, and looked into her eyes,
----hold the G -------------- C
Im like a kid who won a prize,
               Am7   G                     F
Look at what I found,  just look at what I found,

(chorus key change)

                    D   A       Bm       
Just look at what I found, When I wasn't lookin,
             A                G
Look what I found, when I was just being me,
         D    A               Bm            
I turned around, and love was mine for the takin,
            D   A        G    A   D
Look what I found, when she found me,

(Ending chords are - D - Bm - A - G) 

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