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The Safe Side chords - Chris Cagle

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                Chris Cagle
"The Safe Side"

(Capo 1)

(Intro)   G9, Bm, G9, Bm

(Verse 1)
   Have you ever wandered what life would be like
If you'd only went left, instead of takin that right
   If you had waited just ten more minutes
Bm                                              G9     Bm
   To leave the house would it all be different...  ...yeah

(Verse 2)
   Every decision, everything we choose
   Has a consiquence whether we win or lose
   Nobody knows that any better than me
            Bm                                            C#m    D
I left her standin' at the station, with a ticket and a dream

(1)   Yeah she's the train that I didn't take
(2,3)  She's the train that I didn't take
   The big commitment I just couldn't make
            G9                                          Asus4  A7
(1,2)  For fear of breakin' my heart I didn't risk the ride
         G9                                           Asus4  A7
(3) For fear of breakin' my heart I didn't risk that ride
   Yeah she's the lesson I learned the hard way
   Now bein' lonely is the price I pay
    G9         D/F#                G9
The river of regret runs deep and wide
(1)  Here on the safe side
        Asus4       A7   D
(2,3)  Here on the safe side

(1/2 Intro)

(Verse 3)
  I still remember the night she left, she said...
 She didn't wanna lose me but she had to find herself
  I could'a stopped her or got on board with her
Bm                               C#m    D
   But now it's too late to reconsider


F                                 G9
  Sometimes the greatest risk of all
Is never takin' one at all

(Solo) D, Bm, G9, Asus4, A7


(Outro)  D, Bm, G9, A7 (repeat to fade)

Uncommon Chords:  G9 - E A D G B A      Asus4 - E A D G B E
                       3 0 0 2 3 3              x 0 2 0 3 0


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