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What Kinda Gone chords - Chris Cagle

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                “What Kinda Gone”
Chris Cagle
(*Intro* G)

I heard the door slam, and I couldn’t tell, Was it just the wind 
                                                                         C     G
Or was she mad again, Aw Hell she’s getting in her car
I holler “baby, is there something wrong” I thought I heard her say
Something sounding like “I’m Gone” 
                                  D                                  C  
But these days gone can mean so many things

                G                                                       D
**Well (‘cause) there’s gone for good, and then there’s good and gone
                             G          C                        G                                  D              C
And there’s gone with a long before it, I wish she’d been just a little more clear
                      G                              D                                 G                  C
Well there’s gone for the day and gone for the night and gone for the rest of your 
                                 G              D                      G                      C
Doggone life, Is it whiskey night or just a couple beers
                                           G                                      D                   G
I mean what kind of gone are we talking about, here**

Well, It’s getting dark out, she ain’t back yet Ain’t called home, 
turned off the phone, oh man this might not be good
I woulda stopped her when she went to leave but I didn’t ‘cause 
I didn’t really think what I’m thinking now
I’m still not sure what gone is all about

** Repeat Chorus**
Is it the kind of gone where she’s at her mom’s
                                G                             D 
Cooling down she’ll come around
Or the kind that says you had your chance
She ain’t coming back
                                                              G                      D  G
**Repeat Chorus** (w/last line 3X) what kinda gone

[Thanks to Dusty Lynn for tabs]

Chris Cagle ChordsChris Cagle Lyrics

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