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Absence Of The Heart chords - Deana Carter

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Deana Carter
"Absence of the Heart"
Written by:  Deana Carter, Chris Farren, and Chuck Jones
Chorded by Missy French
Capo 1st Fret

Am                        G
I write you letters but I  dont send them
F                                G
I just can=92t figure out how to end them
Am                        G
I try to reach you  you're right beside me
F                                                    G
There=92s something missing and we can't deny that


C               F                    C
We live together separately
                 F              Am
We don't wanna fall apart
                 F          G
But every time we kiss
                  F       Bb
There's an emptiness
       G                   C
An absence of the heart

Am                           G
How did we lose it? Why did this happen?
F                              G
When did we take it all for granted?
Am                     G
We sit in silence inside we're crying
F                                 G
How can we keep our love from dying?

Chorus, lead, chorus, chorus

Am                        G                                             C
I write you letters, but I  don't send them

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