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We Danced Anyway 2 chords - Deana Carter

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Artist: Deana Carter
Song: "We Danced Anyway"
Album: "Did I Shave My Legs For This?"
Written by: Matraca Berg and Randy Scruggs
Transcribed by: Beth Atkins (
Submitted by: Beth Atkins 
File Type: We Danced Anyway.crd

Guitar Notes: Tune Guitar 1 step down

"We Danced Anyway"

G  C  Em  D      G  C  Em  D

           G                       C
The summer air was heavy and sweet
             Em                    D
You and I on a crowded street
             G                     C
There was music everywhere
       Em            D
I can see us there
           G                          C
In a happy little foreign town
              Em                                  D
Where the stars hung upside down
            G            C          Em     D 
A half a world away, far far away
 C                                  D
I remember you were laughing
C                                D
We were so in love, we were so in love

              Em           C        G               D     
And the band played songs that we'd never heard
              Em   C       
But we danced anyway
        G                           D
We never understood the words
              Em      C    G                D
We just sang oh la la la la la la la la la la oh
        C   D                G  C  Em  D     G  C  Em  D        
And we danced anyway

          G         C
They say you can't go back
    Em                 D
Baby I don't believe that
      G                C             Em          D
Come along with me, come dance with me
      G             C
Maybe if I hold you close
         Em                 D
Baby we could just let go
    G         C                              Em            D    
Of these thing that tie us down, we'll come back around
 C                                         D
Do you remember we were laughing
 C                                   D
We were so in love, so in love


G  C  Em  D       G  C  Em  D .....  repeat and fade

Notes:  If there are any comments or corrections contact me at or .  I do have much more 
chords and music that I know, if you have a country song that you want or 
anything I can either find it, know it, or can figure it out and I especially 
know stuff by Chely Wright, Lee Ann Womack, Deana Carter, The Wilkinsons, 
Tammy Wynette, Rosanne Cash, The Judds, etc...   Thanks!!  -Beth

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