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Strawberry Wine chords - Deana Carter

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Deana Carter Sheet music
D                        G
He was working through college 
D                A
On my grandpa's farm
D                       G
I was thirsting for knowledge
D              A
And he had a car
I was caught somewhere between 
a woman and a child
When one restless summer
we found love growing wild
On the banks of the river 
On a well beaten path
     A                                 G
It's funny how those memories can last

Like strawberry wine
and seventeen
The hot july moon 
Saw everything
My first taste of love
Whoa, bittersweet
green on the vine
G                  D 
Like strawberry wine

Verse 2:

I still remember
When thirty was old
My biggest fear was September
When he had to go
A few cards and letters 
and one long distance call;
we drifted away
like the leaves in the fall
But year after year 
I come back to this place
Just to remember the taste...

Repeat Chorus:
Fields have grown over now
Years since they've seen the plow
Em6                         Em7
there's nothing time hasn't touched
Is it really  him
Or the loss of my innocence
I've been minning so much.

Repeat Chorus:

I've checked this against a couple of my music books and it should be correct.  Hope it works for ya!

[Thanks to Leigh S. for corrections]

Deana Carter ChordsDeana Carter Lyrics

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