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My Home Town chords - Cassar-daly Troy

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Cassar-daly Troy Sheet music
       G               Cadd9
In my home town they drink and fight
    G                     Cadd9
it all comes round on a friday night
        D                     Cadd9                D     D
if you don't cut loose every now and then you go crazy
G                    Cadd9
it may seem to be a little strange
    G                        Cadd9
a small little town on this side of the range
     D         Cadd9                D     D
and no one forgets from where they came

G               Cadd9        G     Cadd9
Nothing can replace my home town
G                 Cadd9                G       G
nowhere seems to come close that i've found
        D             D
i can drive into the south side of town
Em                       C
still catch up with my friends still around
G               D            G   
nothing can replace my home town
G        G     G
my home town

Solo: G Cadd9 G Cadd9 D Cadd9 D D A D A D E D E E

well the girls are still as pretty and the mill has shut down
men put off they've been messed around
but they live their lives in my home town
but when all is quite and the river is still
my heart goes back there and it always will
one day i'll lie in peace in my home town


Repeat Solo 

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