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When A Small Town Dies chords - Cassar-daly Troy

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Cassar-daly Troy Sheet music


(Capo 2nd Fret)

D                               G                         
Dad worked at the abattoirs and mum looked after home 

D                               A7
And our fibro house was on the five-mile zone

D                       G                                                        
A little town with its good and its bad 

              D     A          D
but we gave thanks for what we had

D                                           G 	  	  	 
In our changing world they shut the meat works down 

D 	  	  	  	      A7 	  	  	  	 
I watched the gates close on the dusty ground

D 	  	  	  	       G 	 
Dad was strong and silent with a tear in his eye

 	     D 	  	 A           D 	 
he said I hate to see a small town die

        G         D         G              D
When a small town dies you lay its soul to rest

         G              D             A7
All the livin’ lovin’ workin’ will be gone now I guess

          G                   D       G             Bm                G              A
Well it’d break my grandad’s heart if he were still alive to see this cherished old small
town die

    D                 G                  D                            A7
For 3 generations our family’s been here through floods depressions laughter and tears

 D                        G                        D                  A         D
The pollies on the TV say everything is fine as we sit and watch out small town die


Bm                                 G             D
Well I caught the Brisbane Limited when I turned 18 

      Bm                     A7
cried all the way to Lismore missin’ family 

              D                        G     
you know I’d give my right arm not to have to wave goodbye but I don’t 

D             A          D
Want to see a small town die

              G           A          D
To see this cherished old small town die


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