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River Boy chords - Cassar-daly Troy

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Cassar-daly Troy Sheet music
                CAPO 2


D                            G     
I was born and raised on the river
         A                D
It's the only life that I know
D                             G
People 'round here have put a name on me
      A                  D
And I hear it wherever I go

             D          G
They call me river boy, river boy
A                 D                         
A good for nothin' river boy
D                           G
This old world don't hold a whole lot of joy
            A             D 
When you're nothin' but a river boy


D                            G
I do a lot of fishin' on the river
   A                  D
To make my livin' you see
D                           G  
When I take my catch to the market place
    A                  D
The people call out to me

              D              G 
And they say, river boy, hey river boy
A                            D       
You got any fish today there, river boy
D                   G
I sell my ware, but nobody cares 
          A                D 
About the feeling's of the river boy

          E                        A    
There's a pretty girl works at the market place
  B7                 E 
I see her there everyday
    E             A   
But when I try to talk to her 
      B7            E 
I can hear her papa say

                    E         A
Come away from that River boy, he's a river boy
B7                      E
Nothin' but a riff-raff river boy
E                        A
No girl of mine is gonna waste her time
     B7                     E
On a good for nothin' river boy


So I head my boat back up the river
Back to my old fishin' place
I'm afraid this ol' river's gonna overflow


I'm nothin' but a river boy, river boy
A good for nothin' river boy
This old world don't hold a whole lot of joy
When you're nothin' but a river boy
This old world don't hold a whole lot of joy
When you're nothin' but a river boy


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