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And The Story Goes chords - CJ Williams

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                Words and Music By Jack Lather
December 2003

-Quick Change from C to Am7,two strums on 
 C chord,First strum only play the single C
 note on the A string(3rd Fret).-

Intro: (C-Am7-F-G)x2 
       -Acoustic Slide Guitar Over Intro-

  (C)       (Am7)      (F)     (G)
In the we-we hour,of a winter night,
 (C)          (Am7)    (F)      (G)
while she lie sleepin,tucked in tight,
 (C)    (Am7)   (F)     (G)
he sits awake,hoping to find,
 (C)         (Am7)     (F)        (G)
the words to say,whats been on his mind,
 (C)               (Am7)        (F)        (G)
and you've heard the story,you know how it goes,
 (C)          (Am7)          (F)       (G)
just as sure as rain,or how the river flows,
(C)                (Am7)         (F)        (G)
that the good little girl,likes the real bad guy,
 (C)              (Am7)         (F)             (G)
shes got that i'd love to change him,look in her eye,
 (C)           (Am7)          (F)         (G)
and with some resistence,maybe she'll succeed,
 (C)          (Am7)          (F)            (G)
cause deep down he knows,she's just what he needs,
 (C)             (Am7)           (F)         (G)
and it keeps the world turnin,it guides us threw,
(C)               (Am7)      
as long as theres guys like me,
      (F)             (G)
we'll need girls like you.

(C-Am7-F-G)x2 - Acoustic Slide Guitar Solo -

(C)          (Am7)         (F)        (G)
Sometimes he talks,about his younger days,
(C)        (Am7)           (F)            (G)
when he was crazy,before she changed his ways,
(C)           (Am7)          (F)            (G)
his friends all say,theres a lot they would miss,
(C)              (Am7)          (F)          (G)
but he swears its worth it,for a life like this,
(C)             (Am7)           (F)          (G)
she's the salt of the earth,the best god can do,
(C)                (Am7)     
as long as theres guys like me,
       (F)            (G)
we'll need girls like you,
(C)             (Am7)         (F)        (G)
just like the grass is green,the sky is blue
(C)                (Am7)  
as long as theres guys like me,
        (F)            (G)
we'll need girls like you,

      -Acoustic Slide Guitar Over Outro-

(Lead Acoustic Slide played in C Major Scale,
 also played low during verses)

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