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September chords - CJ Williams

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                Words and Music By Jack Lather
September 2003

Capo 2nd fret(so G chords become A chords)

Intro : Picking 
(G-6th/ Gmaj7-#3/ Gsus2/ Gadd9-6th-#3)x2
     (Chords used look like)
G-6th  Gmaj7-#3   Gsus2   Gadd9-6th-#3
E-3    E-3       E-3      E-3   
A-2    A-x       A-0      A-0
D0    D-0       D-0      D-2
G-0    G-0       G-2      G-0
D3    B-3       B-3      B-3
e-0    e-2       e-x      e-0
     (Picking looks like)
E 3       3         3       3
A 2                 0      
D  0       0         0   0   2
G   0   0   0   0     2 2     0   0
B      3       3 3     3         3 3
e     0       2   2             0

(Use Picking Pattern Over First Verse)

So it aint what it use to be
up and down the line
and the way you see it
is just like me, running out of time
when the school boys dreams are shattered
someplace deep inside his heart
you'll find septembers there.

(Strum chords-same rhythm-verse 2)

When the sky is closing down on you
and you feel like you're standing still
wishing you could go anywhere
but you're trapped here against your will
when the rain falls on your window
and the nights to much to bare
someplace lost in your soul
you'll find septembers there

(Picking pattern between verses 2&3)
(Back to struming for verse)

So you made it threw the darkness
to face the morning light
swallow down some pills for the pain
hope that it'll make it right
but when that dont make it better
and youre in to deep to care
someplace in your memory
you'll find septembers there.

(Picking pattern between verses 3&4)
(Back to struming for verse)

All you loved has left you
and you've found yourself alone
your voice of youth and happiness
has taken on a different tone
and when the only thing thats real
is the burden that you wear
somepleace deep inside your eyes
you can see septembers there
maybe someplace inside your heart
you'll find septembers there.

(Picking pattern outro)

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