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Cold Beer Tears Whiskey Regrets chords - CJ Williams

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                Words and Music By Jack Lather
March 2004

-Use Straight D Harp-


     (D)                     (A)
On a crowded street, in this lonely town.
       (Bm)                  (G)
on the radio, while he's drivin' round.
      (D)                    (A)
a song is playing, so he turns it up.
            (Bm)            (G)
alittle bit louder, just because.
        (D)                       (A)
its gets him thinkin', of a place in time.
           (Bm)             (G)
then he puts his world, on rewind.
         (D)                     (A)
He keeps riding on, but he'll never forget.
to cry cold beer tears, mixed with those
whiskey regrets.

(D-A-Bm-G)x1 - Harmonica

     (D)                    (A)
He called in sick, to work today.
               (Bm)                 (G)
cause last night he tried, to drink away.
  (D)                 (A)
a memory, thats been hard to trace.
             (Bm)                     (G)
now there aint no high, that can take her place.
      (D)                        (A)
he made his choices, so this is what he gets.
            (Bm)                       (G)
he crys cold beer tears, with them whiskey regrets.

(D-A-Bm-G)x2 - Harmonica & Guitar Solo

      (D)                     (A)
This place gets smaller, everyday.
              (Bm)                       (G)
he said he'd leave in march, sh*t its almost may.
       (D)                          (A)
so you can find him down, at the corner bar.
           (Bm)                        (G)
where all the rest, of the broken hearted are.
      (D)                        (A)
When the moon is rising, the sun has set.
and he'll cry cold beer tears, with some 
whiskey regrets. 

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