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Rodeo Rider chords - Gene Clark

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Thank you Cheryl for the lyrics

Gene Clark        Rodeo Rider  written by   Gene Clark
                                            Andy Kandanes

Greg Douglas           guitar
Bret Bloomfield        bass
Peter Oliva            bass
David Ozzie Ahlers     keyboards
Herb Pedersen          harmony
Chris Hillman          harmony
Thomas Jefferson Kaye  harmony
Andy Kandanes          drums/harmony

Small talk, cheap beer and wine
Easy women, wasted time
G                                    D
Another night with somebody he don't know
It's been the first and been the last
Got no future, had no past
G                                  D
A nameless face in somebody else's show
C           D
Riding the rodeo
G             C     G    C      
He's a rodeo rider, sole survivor
G                          D     C
Got to prove that he's the best
G     C      G   C
Rodeo rider, sole survivor
G             D               C
Got to be the fastest in the west
Cheyenne to San Antoine
Wild horses and women he's known
G                                     D
Have broken his heart and most of his bones
But today he's gonna ride again
Doin' everything he can to win
G                                                       D
A nameless face but that's the only life that he's ever known
C          D
Riding the rodeo
G            C      G    C      
He's a rodeo rider, sole survivor
G                          D     C
Got to prove that he's the best
G     C      G   C
Rodeo rider, sole survivor
G             D               C
Got to be the fastest in the west


G            C      G    C      
He's a rodeo rider, sole survivor
G                          D     C
Got to prove that he's the best
G     C      G   C
Rodeo rider, sole survivor
G             D               C
Got to be the fastest in the west

From Gene Clark 'Firebyrd'
Takoma 1987
Gene Clark Music/Andy Kandanes Music(BMI)
FirebyrdArtist Gene ClarkAlbum Title FirebyrdDate of Release 1987 
(release) inprintAMG Rating (Poor)Genre Rock Styles Progressive 
Bluegrass, Country-Rock, Folk-Rock
AMG REVIEW: Gene Clark's post-Byrds solo career was as frought with 
false starts, and unmet promises as his two years with the Byrds were 
filled with fame, fulfillment, and recognition. Firebyrd was an
triumph and a commercial disaster--released to rave reviews and an 
enthusiastic response, as one of the finest solo projects ever to come

from an ex-Byrd, it was killed by poor distribution (demand in Europe,

especially Germany and Italy, where fan interest in Clark and the
 was very high, resulted in high premiums being paid for used copies).

"Rain Song," "Rodeo Rider," and "Something About You" were some of 
Clark's best songs in years, and his covers of two old Byrds numbers, 
"Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Feel A Whole Lot Better," are perfectly 
credible reinterpretations, and he even does justice to Gordon 
Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind." Not a "lost Byrds album" by
means, but a must-own for any serious Byrds fan. (see This Byrd Has 
Flown) -- Bruce Eder, All-Music
Guide CDTakomaD2-72812 CSTakoma4XT-72812
 LPTakomaST-72812 LPTakoma7112  Takomo71121997CDM.I.L. Multimedia8504
Chris Hillman-VocalsHerb Pedersen-Vocals, Harmony VocalsGene Clark-
Guitar, VocalsBud Shank-FluteThomas Jefferson Kaye-VocalsDavid Ossie 
Ahlers-Synthesizer, KeyboardsBrett Bloomfield-Bass, Guitar (Bass)Greg 
Douglas-Guitar, Slide GuitarAndy Kandanes-Drums, Vocals (bckgr)1. 
Tambourine Man (Dylan)2. Something About You Baby
3. Rodeo Rider (Clark.Gene/Kandanes)4. Rain Song
 Vanessa (Kaye/Taylor)6. If You Could Read My Mind (Lightfoot)7. Feel
Whole Lot Better (Clark)8. Made for Love (Clark)9. Blue Raven (Clark) 
Farther Along: Best of by The Flying Burrito Brothers Back from Rio by

Roger McGuinn Byrds [Box Set] by The Byrds Gilded Palace of Sin by The

Flying Burrito Brothers City by McGuinn, Clark & Hillman So Rebellious
Lover by Carla Olson McGuinn, Clark & Hillman by McGuinn, Clark & 
Hillman Roger McGuinn by Roger McGuinn Thomas Jefferson Kaye by Thomas

Jefferson Kaye Into the Great Wide Open by Tom Petty & the

Gene Clark ChordsGene Clark Lyrics

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