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What Is Meant Will Be chords - Gene Clark

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Gene Clark        What Is Meant Will Be    

A               E
So I read every letter
A                          E
Like every word was crying out
A                  E
Lines like today I felt much better
C#m                            B
Though, but I didn't feel that proud
A                 E
Yesterday someone whispered out a compliment
A                              E
My back was turned despite the try
A                                 E
To look around and see what accomplishment
C#m                            B
I could have purchased with my pride
E                  D
What is meant will be
A                  E
What is meant will be
E                  D
What is meant will be, yes it will
A                  E
What is meant will be
C#m                     B
Turn your eyes into the moment
A                  E
What is meant will be
A                                  E
It doesn't matter if it's all what can prove
A                    E
To gratify a moments pride
A                          E
Someone special learned to tie their shoe
C#m                              B
I can only visualize it had been mine
E                  D
What is meant will be
A                  E
What is meant will be
E                  D
What is meant will be
A                  E
What is meant will be
E                  D
What is meant will be, I know
A                  E
What is meant will be
C#m                     B
Turn your eyes into the moment
A                  E 
What is meant will be

                    Gene Clark
born: Harold Eugene Clark Born Nov 17, 1941 in Tipton, MO
Died May 24, 1991 in Sherman Oaks, 
Active Genres Rock Styles 
Progressive Bluegrass, Country-Rock, Folk-RockInstruments Guitar,
Labels Edsel (3), Columbia (3), A&M (
AMG Pick Echoes [1967] - Columbia 
Latest release Silhouetted in Light  [1992] - Edsel 
Very few musicians had as much influence in creating new styles of
as Gene Clark. As co-founder of the Byrds, he helped pioneer what was
become known as folk-rock. Clark and Bob Dylan were the most prolific 
songwriters of the genre. After leaving the group, he and banjoist
Dillard invented newgrass, a progressive blend of traditional
instrumentation augmented by electronics, drums, piano and even 
harpsichord. Clark's first solo album Gene Clark with the Gosdin 
Brothers, contained country rock, preceding the Byrds' Sweetheart of
Rodeo by nearly two years and the first Flying Burrito Brothers album
three years.
Harold Eugene Clark was the oldest of twelve children. He left college

to join the New Christy Minstrels in 1962. Upon hearing the Beatles' 
"She Loves You," he left the group and moved to California, where he
Roger (then known as Jim) McGuinn and David Crosby. Mandolin player 
Chris Hillman was given his first electric bass lesson by Clark, and 
Michael Clarke was recruited from a beach party to play drums. The
became the Jet Set, the Beefeaters, and finally, the Byrds, where
cover of Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man" shot to the top of the charts 
worldwide in May of 1965. Clark left the Byrds in early 1966 to pursue
solo career, releasing Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers in 1967.
following year The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark heralded 
the dawning of newgrass, a blend of traditional instrumentation 
augmented by electronics, drums, piano and even harpsichord. After two

years, the ever-restless Clark left the band and recorded the Dylan
-esque White Light, voted album of the year in Holland in 1971 and 
praised by Rolling Stone as the album he was born to make. The
year Roadmaster was released, an 11-song masterpiece that featured the

five original Byrds on two tracks, foreshadowing the reforming of the 
group in 1973 for Byrds, produced by David Crosby. Despite the fact
record sold millions and went gold, the group quickly disbanded 

No Other in 1974 and Two Sides to Every Story in 1977 reconfirmed
as one of the great songwriters of his era. In 1978, Gene joined Roger

McGuinn and Chris Hillman for two albums, McGuinn, Clark and Hillman,
 and City in 1979. The group toured extensively until Clark departed 
once again, and it would be five years before Clark would release 
Firebyrd, which includes remakes of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Feel a 
Whole Lot Better." Clark continued to play solo both home and in
before joining up with Carla Olsen (Textones) for So Rebellious a
 in 1987. Clark also performed in A Tribute to the Byrds for several 
years starting in 1985, which included former Byrd Michael Clarke on 
drums and at various times Rick Danko, Blondie Chaplin, John York,
Roberts, Billy Darnell and Michael Curtis. In addition to his solo 
efforts, Clark apppeared on albums by the Flying Burrito Brothers,
McGuinn, Bob Lind, Cooker, the Textones and Primitive Future. Gene
died a few short months after he and the Byrds were inducted into the 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He left behind hundreds of songs, an 
indelible mark in folk rock, bluegrass and country music, and millions

of fans who mourned the loss of one of the greatest songwriters and 
musical innovators of all time. -- Dan Pavlides, All-Music Guide
Similar Artists: Doug Dillard  Bill Keith  Dan CraryRoots and 
Influences: The New Christy Minstrels

Performed Songs By: George Callins , A. Taylor  Howard Barnes  Carla
Olson  Don Robertson  Bob Dylan  Phil Ochs  Gordon Lightfoot

Worked With: Chris Hillman  Roger McGuinn  Michael Clarke  David
Byron Berline  Sneaky Pete Kleinow  Jim McGuinn  Carla Olson  Gram
Bernie Leadon  Jon Corneal  Vic Anesini  Jim Dickson  Terry Melcher
Clarence White  Bob Irwin  David Fricke  Tom Morgan, Jr.  Steve

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