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Aint Nothing To It chords - Cody Johnson

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Cody Johnson Sheet music
                [Verse 1]
G                                                C
Same old scenario one guys young and one guys old
G                                                               C
Ones in love and sitting on gold and ones already walked that road
D                          D                               G
Ones on year number 33 and one just bought that diamond ring
Ones says dad so how’d you do it
the other just laughed and said there aint nothing to it

You just try to quit smoking and reel back the drinkin
Dont always tell her everything your thinking
   G                                     D
And dance her when she needs dancing
You get up and go to work get up and go to church
Crawl up in that bed right next to her
and listen instead of having all the answers
    Am7                           C/E                      G
And then he slapped him on the back and said son you can do it
G                                           G       C
cause there aint nothin to it

[Verse 2]
G                                                                  C
Now there will be trouble on the way, words will fly and dishes break
G                                                                    C
But babys come in and money goes out you’ll learn to ride the ups and downs
D                                D                                G
You’ll wanna quit a million times but as you hang on the years unwind
Then you get to see your blushing bride
  G5                   C
Turn a beautiful 35 a 45 a 55

You’ll be glad you quit smoking, reel back the drinking
Didn’t always tell her everything you were thinking
    G                                      D
And danced her when she needed dancing
You got up and went to work, got up and went to church
Crawled up in that bed right next to her
And listen instead of having all the answers
Am7             C/E                   G
Its only love and all of us go through it
Am7              C/E                    G   D
And if I had to do it again you know id do it
                                G    C
Cause there aint nothing to it
C                         G
Nah there aint nothin to it

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