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Another Try chords - Cody Johnson

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Cody Johnson Sheet music
                G  C

C                        G
Well I'm tired of feelin down
And I'm tired of spinnin around
              G                                C
Oh and I feel sick and tired of pickin out the same old sounds
I"m givin up on believin
To hell with it all, I'm leavin
                 Am           Am/B             C       D 
I just hope your memory don't somehow track me down

             C         Am          G 
Cause I been stayin up talkin to myself
            C            Am               G
I pull this bottle of 86 proof off of the shelf
    C               Am                 G 
One thing I know is I really need some help
I been broken down too many times
           C                D            C    
So I'll be damned if I give love another try

I"m gettin used to being alone
I always wind up right here on my own
If it weren't for my friends I don't think I'd even have a home
You taught me so many things
How not to trust and how not to believe
And you taught me how to walk away when you gave me back my ring


           Am              D      C              G
And like a hand in a fire, you'll only do it one time
             Am                  D      C                 B 
Baby you can think what you want when I tell you I'm doin fine


Oh Another Try
Not Another Try
Not Another Try 

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