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Aniversary Song chords - Cowboy Junkies

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Cowboy Junkies Sheet music
                Intro:    (Drum Stix)       (Kick Drum)      C

          F       C      F      C      F     C

     F          C                 F               C
     have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as that of the rain

             F             G                               F
     soaked  purple of the white birch in spring......have you ever

                        Am                  F
     felt more fresh or wonderful than on a warm fall night under

     Am                G                              G/D G/E
    a mackeral sky the smell of grapes on the wind....... well

     F                 G               C                 F
    I have known..all  these and the joys that they can bring..

                Am                        G
    and..I'll share them all for a cup of coffee and to wear your..

       C           F            C


         F             C                         F
               have you ever had the pleasure of watching..a..quiet
               have you ever seen a sight as..  beautiful as a face

        C                 F                  G
       winter snow slowly gathering like.. simple moments adding up
        in a crowd of..  people that lights up ..just for you.......

        G           F                    Am
            have you ever had a satisfied gut feeling to follow a
            have you ever felt more fresh  or wonderful as when

     F                   Am                         G
    dry dirt road thats beckoning you to the heart of a shimmering sum-
    you wake by the side of that boy or girl who has pledged their love

      G     G/D G/E   F                         G
     -mer day.....   well I have known all these things and the

       C                 F             Am
      joys that they can bring and I'll..share them all for a cup of
                         bring and now every morning there's a cup of

        G                       C           F            C
      coffee and to wear your...ring...... (Instru).......
      coffee and I wear your....ring.....    "  "  .......

       F                    Bb                  F
      (Instru).....      and I don't know how I survived those days
     and I wear your..**(to coda)**

      C                  Am                   C
      before I held your hand ..well I ..never thought that I would

       F             Bb                     F
      be the one to admit that the moon and sun shine so much....

      C          Bb n.C.      Eb              Bb
      brighter...when.........seen through.. two.. pair of eyes than

      F                     F        C       F      C
     when seen through just one.............

     Repeat Verse Section: (to coda)**

    ***(CODA)***     ring..  (end)

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