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Come On Funny Feelin' chords - Rodney Crowell

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Rodney Crowell Sheet music
                Come On Funny Feelin'
Rodney Crowell

This song is a true masterpiece from one of God's musical gifts to the world, 
Mr. Crowell (I don't even feel like I can address him as Rodney

You can play the song with no capo and in "E", but to really do it justice, and 
to sound like the recording, you have to capo 2 and play these chords:

Note:  D/G = XX0233

Capo 2, all chords relative

Intro (it's a really great rhythm, but the chords are easy): D   D/G   D   D/G

Verse 1:
        D                              D/G                                    
I don't want to wind up bitter, lost inside a silent rage
     D                                  D/G                            
Or become like Rilke's panther out here locked up in a cage
    D                                D/G                               
The old man I've been talkin' to has cotton in his ears
          D                               D/G
But then, who am I to blame him, I've had mine stoped up for years
        A                  D
Singing     come on funny feelin'

Repeat Intro

Verse 2:
L.A. hits my windshield like some Armageddon sprawl
Planting palm trees in the desert makes no sense to me at all
In a science fiction world where walking wounded leave their mark
I just took my place among them trying to find a place to park
Singing come on funny feelin'

Chorus 1:
    G                                  F#m                    
The funny feelin' comes when you're in love with everyone
             Bm                             G
And all your races have been run or laid to rest
   D                              A
So get this freakin' anvil off my chest
Come on funny feelin'

Guitar Solo:   D    D/G    D    D/G      D    A    D

Chorus 2 (play same chords from chorus 1):
The funny feelin' knows the way the whole thing comes and goes
It makes you stop and smell the roses if you're smart
So get this freakin' anvil off my heart
Come on funny feelin'

Verse 3 (played like a bridge - just single strums 1st two lines, then regular on rest):
So it's not like I'm not blessed with something special in my world
Just around the next dark corner, there's a blue eyed dancing girl
Who'll love me like tomorrow comes with everything I need
I just have to pay attention where this road I'm on might lead
I'm thinkin' come on funny feelin'

Chorus 3:
    G                                          F#m
The funny feelin' knows the truth, the eye for eye and tooth for tooth
     Bm                                   G
It's something way back in your youth you should not second guess
    G                              F#m
The funny feelin' never lies, it's there to open up your eyes
    Bm                               G
And make you stop and realize you're blessed
   D                              A
So get this friggin' anvil off my chest
              D           D/G
Come on funny feelin'
              D           D/G
Come on funny feelin
              D           D/G'
Come on funny feelin'
              D... (repeat rhythm until end)
Come on funny feelin'

Guitar Solo Tab:
D|------------------------------------------------------O-|-| REPEAT ONCE



I had to split up these lines into manageable chunks so they would fit
in the allotted space...but the flow doesn't change, these three lines of 
tab all flow together at once...make sure you see where to repeat (thank
you, captain obvious, I

If anyone wants a soundclip, just leave a little message on here - I check
pretty frequently - or PM me, I'll put one up of whatever you wanna hear.  
I can also tab out the rhythm he plays in the song, but it'll be real 
complicated to write and take me an hour or so...but I don't mind, so let me
know if you want it...if you need it immediately, it might be in your best 
interest to go ahead and let me know so I can get crackin' on it but in the
meantime, try and figure it out by ear.  Happy pickin', hope you enjoy this 
marvel in songwriting!


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