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U Don't Know How Much I Hate U chords - Rodney Crowell

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                U Don't Know How Much I Hate U
written by Rodney Crowell and Steve Lukather
NOTE: Where you see an odd chord progression (ex. Em, C-C#-Em7), you can simply play
      the base note...Em/C-Em/C#-Em7.  Playing the whole chords sounds okay (it doesn't
      at the end of the verse, with the D progression, so I have the basenotes there).


G           D               Am
Night after night day after day
G             D                      Am
I pass by the house that once was my home
    C                        D
I'm lookin' for somethin' to knock out the lights
         G                         C
'Til the sun comes up shinin' like new
    Am                     D                          Em   C-C#-Em7
The chill in my bones just reminds me that life isn't fair
           Am    F-F#-Am7
And nobody cares
      D                       Am
About lost souls survivin' on hard knocks and fights
     D                      Am
In a world just as nasty as your world is nice
     D     D/B-D/C-D
Baby blue

G                         C        C/G          D    D/G 
You don't know how much I hate everything about you
     G                       C            C/G       D    
Your honey red lips and your eyes big and sparkling blue
    C                           G
The curve of your hips and your black Irish hair
       Em                       A   B
Send a shiver that runs thru me too
C                         D          N/C         G
You don't know how much I hate you I wish it was true


         Em7                        A
You were kind to my mother you were good to my friends
          D          D/G          D
You were passionate, faithful and strong
  Em7                      C
I must've been sleepin' it feels like a dream
      Am                          D     D/B-D/C-D
And I can't say just where I went wrong

SOLO: G D Am  G D Am F-F#-Am7

       D                       Am
Like a dog in the garbage with rocks in my head
    D                      Am
I'm strung out and crazy I can't find the thread
        D    D/B-D/C-D
Runnin' thru

G                         C         C/G         D    D/G
You don't know how much I hate everything about you
     G                          C        G/G         D
Your voice like good bourbon so elegant tasteful and smooth
       C                        G
With a flick of a match I could burn down this house
       Em                   A    B
Takin' every last memory of you
C                         D
You don't know how much I hate you
Am                        D
You don't know how much I hate you
C                         D                         G
You don't know how much I hate you....I wish it was true


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