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How Much I Hate You chords - Rodney Crowell

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Rodney Crowell Sheet music
Rodney Crowell U Don't How Much I Hate You written by Rodney Crowell
                                                      Steve Lukather

G C G D  G C G D

G           D               Am  
Night after night day after day
G             D                      Am 
I pass by the house that once was my home
    C                        D
I'm looking for aomething to knock out the lights
         G                         C
Till the sun comes up shining like new
The chill in my bones
     D                          Em  Em+C Em+C# Em7   *
Just reminds me that life isn't fair 
           Am  **
And nobody cares
D                             Am
About lost souls surviving on hard knocks and vice
     D                           Am
In a world just as nasty as your world is nice
baby blue
G                         C                     D
You don't know how much I hate everything about you
Your honey red lips
         C                      D
And your eyes big and sparkling blue
C                               G
The curve of your hips and your black Irish hair
         Em                         A    
Sends a shiver that runs through me too
C                         D
You don't know how much I hate you
              G C G D  G C G D
I wish it was true
You were kind to my mother
You were good to my friends
         D          G            D
You were passionate faithful and strong
I must have been sleeping
It feels like a dream 
      Am                          D
And I can't just say where I went wrong


D                             Am
Like a dog in the garbage with rocks in my head
I'm strung out and crazy
Am                             D
I can't find a thread running through
C                         C                     D
You don't know how much I hate everything about you
     G                          C                    D
Your voice like good bourbon so elegent tasteful and smooth
With the flick of a match
I could burn down this house
       Em                   A
Taking every last memory of you
C                         D
You don't know how much I hate you
Am                         D
You don't know how much I hate you
C                         D
You don't know how much I hate you
              G C G D  G C G D
I wish it was true

*                         **

12--12--12--12--          5--5--5--7---
12--13--14--15--          5--7--8--5---
12--12--12--12--          5--5--5--5---
14--14--14--14--          7--7--7--7---
----------------          ------------- 
----------------          -------------

>From Rodney Crowell "The Houston Kid"
Sony Intl Publishing(ASCAP)/Buddy Love Music(ASCAP)
Sugar Hill Records 2001

Steuart Smith   guitar/bouzouki
Michael Rhodes  bass
Paul Leim       drums
Fletcher Watson 12 string
Hunter Lee      Irish pipe
Vince Santoro   harmony

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