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Best I Ever Had chords - Gavin DeGraw

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Gavin DeGraw Sheet music
Cadd9 - x32033
Dsus4 - xx0233
Em7 - 022033
G - 320033

Em7 - Cadd9 - G - Dsus4 (whole song)

Vers 1:
Em7              Cadd9         G                    Dsus4
Melt Antarctica, savin' Africa I failed algebra and I misused some times.
Em7                 Cadd9               G                         Dsus4
We're at war again, save the world again You can all join in, but you can't smoke inside.
         Em7                   Cadd9
You said "Take me home, I can't stand this place.
G                                    Dsus4
Cause there's too many hipsters and I just can't relate"
         Em7            Cadd9
You're my neon gypsy, my desert rain.
          G                            Dsus4
You're my "Helter Skelter”, oh how can I explain that.

           Em7   Cadd9 G       Dsus4             Em7       Cadd9 G        Dsus4
You're the best I ever had and I'm trying not to get stuck in my head But I read that.
Em7            Cadd9               G                    Dsus4
Soda kills you, Jesus saves On the bathroom wall where I saw your name.
           Em7   Cadd9 G   Dsus4
You're the best I ever had I won't be the same.


Vers 2:
Em7                      Cadd9
Night sky full of drones, this neighborhood of clones.
G                                      Dsus4
I'm looking at the crowd and they're staring at their phones.
Em7                          Cadd9
They groom the coast line here, the sun will disappear (Oh God!)
G                         Dsus4
And maybe once a year, I think they'll clean my car.
    Em7            Cadd9
Caught my reflection, drop the call.
         G                Dsus4
I've been medicated with cigarettes and alcohol.
   Em7            Cadd9
I got vertigo, no I can't see straight.
    G                        Dsus4
I got obligations though I'm usually late but.


Em7               Cadd9             G                      Dsus4
Hey West Virginia, Hey North Dakota I think I love you, but don't even know you.
Em7               Cadd9          G                       Dsus4
Hey Massachusetts, Hey Minnesota I think I love you, but don't even know you.
Em7         Cadd9         G                        Dsus4
Hey Carolina, Hey Oklahoma I think I love you, but don't even know you.
Em7        Cadd9            G                      Dsus4
Hey Alabama, Hey California I think I love you, but don't even know you.


Chorus (2x)

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