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Glass chords - Gavin DeGraw

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Gavin DeGraw Sheet music
A     - x02220
Amaj9 - x0210x
G     - 320003 (I'm using: optional - 320033)
D     - xx0232
E     - 022100
F#m   - 244222
C#m   - x46654
Bm    - x24432


Fool you made the girl fall in love
you said those beautiful things
 G                               D
she thought you spoke things you mean
Caress her skin like it's glass
she hears your voice making plans
 G                          D
and sees your face in her hands

D               E            F#m            
You don't wanna see somebody beg
  G                   D
as you feel her heart surrender
    C#m      Bm
you begin to fall
D               E               F#m
How do you say that something's through
  G                  D
when it never even started
   C#m         Bm
at least not for you

You breathe her air and you leave
you keep your mind on yourself
 G                       D
and lie the glass on the shelf
After the heavenly speech
your body throws holy heat
 G                           D
the angels sing when our eyes meet

D               E            F#m
It wasn't a lie but it wasn't true
  G                       D
I just wanted to make you feel good
    C#m         Bm
just wanted you near
D                 E                  F#m
I wasn't prepared I wasn't thinking of you
  G                       D
that you could actually love me
   C#m               Bm
it never should have started

She's dreaming back on the past
every opinion agreed
 G                    D
doesn't know what to believe
It must have been for a cause
our lives have so many doors
 G                    D
don't think about him anymore

D               E            F#m
But it was the kiss, it took me away
  G                       D
it's like he knew that I am fragile
   C#m               Bm
he handled me like glass
D               E            F#m
and it hurts but it's what I deserve
  G                       D
because I should have been more careful
   C#m               Bm
with the others that I handled
I should have been more 

D               E            
and knowing this I know 
that he'll get his
  G                       D
but I don't want the man to suffer
 C#m           Bm
oh not the way I am
D               E                F#m
because deep down I know that he's glass too
  G                    D
but it really doesn't matter
 C#m           Bm        D
until it's happening to you

 A        Amaj9        G
everybody everybody breaks
 D      A 

Gavin DeGraw ChordsGavin DeGraw Lyrics

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