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Medicate The Kids chords - Gavin DeGraw

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Gavin DeGraw Sheet music
Tell 'em say no to drugs, substances make you dumb
D                            A
Then you say, give 'em some, are you the victim
Of this experience, child experiment
D                      A
Teacher's predicament, you're in the system
    C                     G             D
And if you don't walk the line, you can walk the plank
  Your older brother
C                     G                 D
Wants to control your mind, you're more useful blank

             Em   E5 D5 E5                   D      D5 C5 D5
Medicate the kids           feathers turn to quills
Pump 'em full of training fluids, powders and pills
There's nothing you can't flush out
And nothing you can't kill

C         G        D        A
Why don't you just back off of us
C      G     D      A
Before we go crazy
          C         G       D          A
I'm gonna tell you, no way, this ain't fair play
C          G   D        A
Just don't medicate me

C                          G
Tell 'em, say no to drugs, substances make you dumb
D                       A
Unless you get 'em from someone who loves you
C                           G
One who knows best for you, paid for those tests for you
D                            A
Knows how to get you through, when it's above you
C                    G               D
And you can't get on top, cause it's high to climb,
   You hear them saying
C                      G          D
Don't make me call the cops every other time

PRE-CHORUS (same as before)

CHORUS (same as before)

              C                          G
And there's a long line flowing from prescription aisles
              D                     A
Filed through legal means so we can alter the child
           C                    G
For his protection tie him to extension cords
This is the age of discipline

CHORUS (modulated)
D         A        E        B
Why don't you just back off of us
D      A     E      B
Before we go crazy
D         A        E        B
Why don't you just back off of us
D      A     E      B
Before we go crazy
D         A        E        B
Why don't you just back off of us
D      A     E      B
Before we go crazy
D         A        E        B
Why don't you just back off of us
D      A     E
Before we go crazy

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