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Destination Misery chords - Dewey Wayne

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                Dewey Wayne - Destination Misery

Em Dsus2 C
Em Dsus2 C

Em                               Dsus2         C
The car I was driving's become a long black Cadillac
Em                                Dsus2           C
I'm on a lonely, dark road and my heart is in the back
Em                           Dsus2         C
Got the hammer down and the compass shows south
Em                            Dsus2                 C
Heavy mists close in and I'm filled with dread and doubt

Em D C

Em                                     Dsus2     C
Did I make a wrong turn or was this the way all along
Em                                Dsus2         C
According to the map I made we're not where we belong
Em                       Dsus2      C
The brakes disappeared a long time ago
Em                               Dsus2         C
My body feels cold, but there's a fire in my soul

Em7    Dsus4    Cadd9
Destination  misery
Em7                               Dsus4           Cadd9
An angel is the rearview, but the devil's the gasoline
Em7                               Dsus4         Cadd9
The lights are on bright but there's nothing to see
Em7                               Dsus4              Cadd9
Except all the road signs say it's the wrong place to be
Am    Dsus2   C      Em
Destination        misery

Em Dsus2 C
Em Dsus2 C

Em                          Dsus2         C
Why have you forced me to leave my dreams behind
Em                             Dsus2         C
The pain you have caused me my mind is going blind
Em                     Dsus2         C
Fear of being lost is why I'm all alone
Em                             Dsus2         C
And now I'm surrounded by the empty dark unknown

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Dewey Wayne ChordsDewey Wayne Lyrics

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Dewey Wayne
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