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Old No. 7 And A .30-06 chords - Dewey Wayne

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                Dewey Wayne - Old No. 7 and a .30-06

...Tuned down one half step...
Am C Am Em
Am C D C Am

Am                          C                   Am                Em
I thought I'd grow, like so many I know, into a proud and respectable man
Am                             C                   Am                       Em
Instead of being here, holding eyes full of fear, acting like the devil's right hand
Am                 C               Am             Em
My Mother gave her warning, "Don't compromise what's right"
Am                    C                       D            C  Am
But I grew up wrong, I seemed to be drawn to the darker side of life

Am                 C               Am            Em
The other day, I made my way, to where no honest man would
Am                       C                Am               Em
The Boss himself, hired guns to his left, sat playing five card stud
Am                     C            Am         Em
I laid my money on the table, and I won me a hand or two
Am                         C                      D         C      Am
Then the Boss dealt me, a fist full of queens, I knew I could not loose

Am                            C                           Am         Em
When the cards went down, my heart hit the ground, I had lost everything I own
Am                     C                             Am         Em
My money, my car, may daddy's little farm, the only place that I call home
Am                    C             Am         Em
I quickly sank to the bottom, of an ocean of pointed guns
Am                           C                 D       C    Am
I was a desperate man, with nowhere to stand, and nowhere to run

G         D              Am
It's midnight on a Texas highway
G                               D                     Am
I've got a hole in my soul that I know the Lord won't fix
G                D               Am
Tonight I might die but I'll die my way
G            D           Am
With Old No. 7 and a .30-06

Am                         C                  Am        Em
For the next three days, I fed my rage, on a self-destructive dive
Am                      C                       Am           Em
No food no sleep, just Jack and speed, got to thinking someone must die
Am                 C             Am                  Em
Then I caught the sound of, someone laughing out my name
Am                                C                    D          C    Am
They had stacked the deck, when I lost my bet, that's when I lost all restrain

Am                         C                    Am             Em
I plunged right, into the deluge of night, with dark thoughts in my eyes
Am                   C                      Am             Em
There's no way, I'd let him get away, with cheating me out of my life
Am                C         Am          Em
Then I saw this '35 Deluxe Plymouth in black
Am                          C           D        C      Am
That Devil's Ride, beckoned me inside, all I left were tracks

Am                      C                  Am                 Em
I made one stop, my old hunting spot, and grabbed everything that I need
Am                        C                            Am             Em
My hand on the bottle, my foot on the throttle, Springfield across my right knee
Am                        C              Am           Em
Saw that Boss outside his barroom, so I left the car in the woods
Am                            C                           D             C      Am

Repeat Chorus

Am                      C                   Am        Em
As I watch the clock, I know I've got, only one thing I can do
Am                    C                       Am         Em
He had his gang, and they remain, and they'll hunt me till I'm through
Am                        C               Am     Em
So I grab this eight-ball shifter, and I spin this car around
Am                       C                 D         C     Am
I'm racing straight, to meet my fate, and put them in the ground

Repeat Chorus
(Car speeding by at the end of the album version recording is an actual all-original 30's 
model Plymouth driven by Ray Zuehlke and recorded by Dewey Wayne)

All songs written and copyrighted by Dewey Wayne and Fyala Records 

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