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The Fyffe, Alabama UFO Blues chords - Dewey Wayne

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                Dewey Wayne - The Fyffe, Alabama UFO Blues
(C)                                     (F)             
Well me and a good ol' buddy of mine, figured we'd have ourselves a good time
So we loaded up the truck for a weekend trip
(C)                                          (F)  
He threw in his tent and I loaded my gun, grabbed some wieners and the hotdog buns
And then to Green's Grocery to get some dip

(C)                                        (F) 
Ol' Jim said he knew of a place, it was just there up the road aways
Right outside our hometown of Fyffe
(C)                                         (F) 
Down Co Rd 50 past that one big hill, is where his pa had built this still
Down that one dirt trail that cuts off to the right

(C)                                              (F) 
We drove though the woods and when I thought, we'd turned wrong and gotten lost
A clearing came up and that still rose into view
(C)                                                  (F)
Jim said, "We just gotta watch our step, 'cause I guarantee my pa would flip
If he found out we were down here drinking his brew"

(C)                                                  (F)
I said, "10-4 buddy as I stopped the truck, in the mornin' there when we're loading up
I'll walk behind and make sure we've covered our tracks"
(C)                                              (F)
I tell his pa knows how to make shine, after just one swig I was feeling fine
And we kicked back with a jug just to relax

(C)                                                 (F)
After shooting some beer cans off a tree, it was starting to get too dark to see
So we headed back toward the still for another jar
(C)                                       (F)
Just about then the whole sky lit up, I looked around and said, "I must be drunk
Just a minute ago I could have swore it was dern near dark"

(C)                                            (F)
I looked back at Jim but he had stopped, his eyes were wide and his jaw had dropped
And he was starring up at something just above the trees
(C)                                              (F)
Well I looked up there toward that light, and what I saw was a magnificent sight
It was broad, curved and yeller as it could be

(C)                                                 (F)
Don't know what sound a flyin banana makes, but I listened hard and there was no mistake
It was moving quiet as a breeze there through the sky
(C)                                                    (F)
Jim looked at me, I said, "I don't know". He said, "That there's a UFO"
And he grabbed up the gun with a crazed look in his eye

(C)                                                           (F)
Now Jim's never been accused of bein too smart, and when it comes to shootin' he can't hit a barn
But he thought he could sight an alien and make a kill
(C)                                  (F)
Before I could even make a sound, Jim had done pointed and fired a round
But I was couldn't help but notice the barrel was pointed at the still

(C)                                                 (F)
Man that still went off like an atomic bomb, shot flaming streams of alcohol
And Jim got hit in the head with some copper line
(C)                                                     (F)
I tell you one way to get an alien's attention, is a shotgun blast and not to mention
The explosion seen from highly flammable shine

(C)                                                     (F)
Jim wasn't even phased he just loaded again, I said, "Boy have you done lost your sense"
That's one big beer can that just might shoot back
(C)                     (F)
That UFO spun around, zoomed right up and then touched down
I said, "I think it's high time we made some tracks"

(C)                                                             (F)
Jim said, "I don't think that we can outrun it". I said, "Well I ain't standing right here in front of it. 
Besides I figure I just got to outrun you"
(C)                                                (F)
And I let out of there like a scalded dog, and I never looked back at Jim at all
But I could hear him right behind of me high-tailing it too

(C)                                                          (F)
Then he whined something about probing in the rear, I said "partner that's all I need to hear" 
And we jumped in that truck we were getting on out of there

...(C) walkdown to (A)...

(D)                                     (G)
Man I fired her up slammed it down, cut it and slung the back end on around 
We were throwing up rooster tails a 100 foot in the air

(D)                                                   (G)
We didn't slow down till we were almost home, and I looked at Jim and said, "Get on the phone
To that UFO hotline and tell them what we've seen"
(D)                                                        (G)
He said "I'm sorry partner that ain't gonna get it, them hotline fellers done put me on a limit
Now I can only call in one time a week"

(D)                                                 (G)
'Cause I see them flying around all the time, and not just when I'm drinking shine
But also yesterday while picking mushrooms
(D)                                                                  (G)
I said "I ought to knock you out but don't guess I will, when your pa finds out you destroyed his still
You're fixin' to have plenty of trouble coming to you"

(D)                                                        (G)
Well I haven't told a soul about what went down, 'cause they wouldn't believe me anyhow
And next time I'll find another way to unwind
(D)                                       (G)
The moral here I won't forget, is when Jim makes plans for a weekend trip
(A)                                 (A)                    (D)
I'm gonna make... sure they don't include… shrooms or shine.

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