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Heart As Big As Texas chords - Doug Moreland

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Doug Moreland
"Heart as big as Texas"

       (B)-  X2000X 

She’s country as a biscuit 

           C     (B)  A7   
She likes Texas barbecue

 D7                         C               G
Sweetest jelly donut she likes the filling too

She licks the sticky off her finger
     C         (B)    A7
when she’s had two or three
D7                           C                       G
Eats ice cream by the gallon but that’s alright with me


            D               G
She’s got a heart as big as Texas 

          D               G
She’s got personality and class

            D               G  (F#) Em   
She’s got a heart as big as Texas

    C         D    G    (F#) Em     G  (F#)  Em
But so is her ass, yeah yeah      yeah yeah yeah

G                                  C         (B)     A7
She’s always been a handful now is more like twenty two

      D7                       C            G
What once was nibble now is more than I can chew

 G                          C     (B)   A7
For me its more than love its practicality
She shades me in the summer

           C               G
and in the winter I don’t Freeze


G                                    C       (B)    A7
Once we were in a grocery store and then we walked outside

D7                                  C              G
She had her trusty spandex on and a beeper on her side
When someone called the beeper went off

 C       (B)      A7
somewhere by the truck
D7                            C                     G
I heard the kid behind me say look out she’s backing up



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