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Prayers And Wishes chords - Doug Moreland

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                Prayers and Wishes
By Doug Moreland
Written By Doug Moreland
CD – Everybody Knows My Name - 2004
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The C/B is part of a walkdown from C to Am

C/B – X2X010

G    Bm       Am              C    
Superstitious mind’s haunting me
       D           C          G 
I know prayers and wishes are two different things
      G           Bm        Am
I’m a God-fearing man but I do believe
D                           C                 G
Wish for what you want, but pray for what you need
        C                         D                     C   C/B  Am       G    
And the confusion of the issue is I know not whether to pray or  wish for you
     C   C/B Am       G
Yeah pray or wish for you

G        Bm              Am           G       
Eleven, eleven reads the clock on the dash
  G            Bm   Am       G
I make a small wish under my breath
         G       Bm            Am         G
You know I can’t tell it or it won’t come true
    C                       D
who knows it could be about you
     C    D                G 
Or a star falling from the midnight sky
C                 D
make another wish as the light dies
   G      Bm           Am           G 
Or find a penny on the ground heads up
      C       C/B       Am        G
maybe all day long I’ll have good luck
C           C/B         Am   G
These ain’t nothing but wishes


Steel solo

A man stands in his field praying for rain
That’s the only thing that will ease his family’s pain
Or a woman kneeling beside her loved one’s bed
Praying the outcome is not what she dreads
Or a man and his congregation might mention peace
In their hearts he makes them believe 
Careful what you wish for careful what you pray
It may or may not come true some day
Nothing but prayers



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