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Boxcars chords - Joe Ely

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Joe Ely--Boxcars

Well I gave all my money to the banker this month
Am                          Em
Now I got no more money to spend
She smiled when she saw me comin' through that door
       C                          B7
When I left she said come back again
I watched them lonesome boxcar wheels 
Am                              Em
Turnin' down the tracks out of town
And it's on that lonesome railroad track
          C      B7     Em   A7  Em A7
I'm gonna lay my burden down
I was raised on a farm the first years of my life
Am                        Em
Life was pretty good they say
I'll probably live to be some ripe ol' age
   C                       B7
If death'll stay out of my way
This world can take my money and time
Am                        Em
But it sure can't take my soul
I'm goin' down to the railroad tracks
           C        B7      Em  A7   Em A7
Watch them lonesome boxcars roll
There's some big ol' Buicks at the Baptist church
Am                         Em
Cadilacs at the Church of Christ
I parked my camel by an ol' haystack
        C                          B7
I'll be lookin for that needle all night
There ain't gonna be no radial tires
Am                           Em
Turnin' down the streets of gold
I'm goin down to the railroad tracks
               C        B7      Em   A7   Em A7
And watch them lonesome boxcars roll


Now if you ever heard the whistle on a fast freight train
Am                      Em
Beatin' out a beautiful tune
If you ever seen the cold blue railroad tracks
               C            B7
Shinin' by the light of the moon
If you ever felt the locomotive shake the ground
Am                          Em
I know you don't have to be told
Why I'm goin down to the railroad tracks
               C        B7      Em   A7  Em A7
And watch them lonesome boxcars roll
Yeah, I'm goin down to the railroad tracks
           C        B7      Em
Watch them lonesome boxcars roll

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