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Indian Cowboy chords - Joe Ely

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                Indian Cowboy (Joe Ely)

If you (C)ever go (G7)out to the c(C)ircus
Where the Wallendas walk on the w(G)ire
I'll (C)tell you a tale to rem(F)ember
When the wh(C)ite horses le(G7)ap rings of f(C)ire

It was a (C) cold n(G7)ight in Okla(C)homa
The show was about to be(G)gin
The an(C)imals they were all r(F)estless
When the (C)star-pony b(G7)roke from her (C)pen

Now s(C)he was a m(G7)are of high sp(C)irit
Like a whore on a Saturday n(G)ight
Just k(C)ickin' and f**kin' past the men who were br(F)ushin'
The e(C)lephants l(G7)ying on their s(C)ides

Well cl(C)ose to the t(G7)ent sat some la(C)nterns
Dangerously next to the h(G)ay
That m(C)are headed straight for those la(F)nterns
That some f(C)ool had put (G7)there by m(C)istake

Well (C)up steps some (G7)Indian C(C)owboy
His lasso went whirlin' through the a(G)ir
In the f(C)ull dead-middle of da(F)nger
He r(C)oped that (G7)runaway m(C)are

The elep(C)hants raised (G7)up their tr(C)umpets
Two of them broke from their ch(G)ains
And stam(C)peded that Indian Co(F)wboy
Who had s(C)aved the b(G7)ig-top from fl(C)ames

So if (C)you ever go (G7)out to the c(C)ircus
Where the Wallendas walk on the w(G)ire
Reme(C)mber that Indian C(F)owboy
When the wh(C)ite horses l(G7)eap rings of f(C)ire
(G7)O--h, rings of f(C)ire

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