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Twistin In The Wind chords - Joe Ely

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Twistin' in the Wind (Tornado Temple BMI)
written by Joe Ely
as performed by Joe Ely on the album Twistin' In the Wind
Transcribed by: Steve Krall (
Comments and suggestions welcome

Intro:  G  F  (repeat)

Verse 1
   C     Em7          Am   G
My heavy heart pounds hard tonight
Down this highway in the wind
The windshield wipers clean away
    Am          C
The tears I cry within
    C         Em7    Am      G
The Love I've thrown away, I know,
I'll never feel again...
    G  F                        C
And I, I'm just Twistin' in the Wind

Some one cut me down from here
        F                C
I can't prove what don't exist
Did you feel the same as I?
             Am                     G
Or was there something I might have missed?
  F                 C
I turned my back on everyone
    F            C
Who wanted me to win
  F             C 
I needed you so bad, I guess
           Am             G
That's the way I was back then
G      F                        C
Now I, I'm just Twistin' in the Wind

Verse 2
I believe I'll go down to the bridge
And watch the trains roll by
See the sparks fly from their wheels
Where the rocks and the cinders lie
The weight I feel inside tonight
Could put a freight train in a spin
And I, I'm just Twistin' in the Wind

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Love made a fool of me
At the gates of the  guillotine
I can't believe I heard the Truth
Comin' from  your answering machine
How did I become this broken man?
Was I too blind to bend?
Now I, I'm just Twistin' in the Wind
I, yi yi yi, I'm just Twistin' in the Wind

Some one cut me down from here
       F                C
I been Hangin' here too long
Release me from the Binds of Love
  F                     C
I can't tell Right from Wrong

Note - The C-Em7-Am-G-F progression
at the start of the verses should be
played by initially plucking the bass
(either 2nd or 1st) string first.

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