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Here's Your Sign (dont' Mess With Us) chords

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            Here's Your Sign (Don't Mess With Us)--performed by Bill Engvall and Neal McCoy
written by Shane McDaniel and Ryan Pierce
Appologies to any political figures whose names are misspelled.
On second thought, check that.


(Spoken over INTRO):

B.E.: Hey Neal!
N.M.: Yeah buddy?
B.E.: I am sick and tired of people makin' fun of our president and our country
N.M.: I agree with ya.
B.E.: Well, why don't we tell the American people how we feel?
N.M.: Well let me start.
B.E.: Go ahead.

Well they oughta take the "Dixie" out of the Dixie Chicks
      D                            C                G
Don't let 'em back in Texas, their assess should be kicked
For puttin' down our president from the other side of the pond D C G Let's send 'em over to Iraq to hang out with Saddam D C G They stated their opinion, and now I'm statin' mine D And they stuck their foot right in their mouth C G Hey Chicks! (mmm-hmmm) here's your sign (SPOKEN OVER G): N.M.: You tell 'em Bill! B.E.: I will. N.M.: What about that cat out there where you live? B.E.: Yeah, yeah we're real proud of him. G Old Michael Moore got his award and started talkin' trash D C We oughta take that Oscar (watch out), and shove it up his-- G Ask me how I really feel and I will take the chance D C G To tell you we should box him up and ship his ass to France! (off to France) D C G Some Hollywood celebrities run their mouths all the time D Well they oughta think before they speak C G Hey Michael! (listen up) here's your sign (SPOKEN OVER G): B.E.: Alright Neal, we're both proud Texans. N.M.: Proud Texans. B.E.: So let's tell 'em how we feel. N.M.: Alright. G When you hear "don't mess with Texas," we mean just what we say D C G That goes the same for every state in the good ol' USA G 'Cause our president and Tommy Franks are gonna stand their ground D C G So if you're thinkin' about attackin' us, oh we're gonna hunt ya down! D C G So all you crazy idiots can run but you can't hide D 'Cause we're closin' in on you C Hey Saddam! Mustafah! Osama! Kadaffi! And my favorite, Jack Surac (oh, Jack) here's your sign (SPOKEN OVER G): N.M.: Jack Surac...I think it's Jacques B.E.: "jock" is what an athlete wears you moron

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