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I'm A Cheap Drunk chords

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            I'm A Cheap Drunk
written by Bill Engvall and Elbert West



         G                                       C
Well it all began in my high school days when I spent the summer with my cousin Jake
         D                                  G
We were helpin' his daddy out on the dairy farm
        G                                     C 
Now on Sundays we didn't have to work and one Sunday when his daddy was off to church
D                                           G
Jake invited me to share my first six-pack out in the barn
        G                                      C
He said you take one and I'll have the rest, brother this'll put some hair on your chest
   D                                                G
So I got on with the hair-growin' and I chugged it down
          G                                                 C
Well you shoulda seen the look in my cousin's eyes when I jumped off the loft 'cause I

Thought I could fly
D G I was actin' like a crazy fool runnin' around G C When his daddy got home and he heard the noise, he come runnin' to the barn to check on us boys D G He took one look at me and said Bill what's got into you G C Well he began to pray to get the demons out, and it musta worked cuz when I opened my mouth D G I lost my demons all over his Sunday suit CHORUS: N/C G I'm a cheap drunk, that's what I am (that' what I am) D G I get tore up on one little can (just one little can) C G I may not last that long but we'll have fun D G Have mercy on me, 'cause I'm a cheap drunk INTRO G C Now I've been this for most of my life, as a matter of fact that's how I met my wife D G She was sittin' at the bar lookin' like a dream G C Well I walked right up and said my name is Bill, I could tell by her look she was Less than thrilled D G But I said honey, do you mind if I buy you a drink G C She said ok Phil let's have some fun, then the night became a danged marathon D G She was tossin' 'em back like she was drinkin' ice tea G C Before long the room started spinnin' 'round, but I was determined I was gonna stand my ground D G No woman was ever gonna get the best of me G C Well the last words I slurred were I'll have one more, then somehow I woke up kissin' the floor D G And to tell you the truth I don't remember the fall G C But standin' over me was a lady in white, I said what happened and where the hell am I D G And that's when she introduced herself as Mrs. Bill Engvall CHORUS D G Have mercy on me, 'cause I'm a cheap drunk N/C SPOKEN: That's right, alright boys it's party time, somebody put another dollar in the jukebox, and we're gonna rock it tonight CHORUS D N/C Have mercy on me, 'cause I'm a cheap drunk SPOKEN: That's right boys, I've had my fill, I'm gonna go ugly early, somebody call me a cab, I gotta go

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