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A Baby Changes Everything chords - Faith Hill

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                Faith Hill
A Baby Changes Everything
Written By Craig Wiseman, Tim Nichols, K.K. Wiseman

(Capo on 2)

Intro:  (C) (Cmaj7) (C) (Cmaj7)

(C)Teenage girl, (Cmaj7) (C)much too young (Cmaj7)
(C)Unprepared (Cmaj7) for (C)what's to come (Cmaj7)
A (F)baby changes everything

(C)Not a ring (Cmaj7) (C)on her hand (Cmaj7)
(C)All her dreams (Cmaj7) and (C)all her plans (Cmaj7)
A (F)baby changes everything
A (Am)baby changes everything(G) (F)

The (C)man she loves (Cmaj7) she's (C)never touched (Cmaj7)
(C)How will she (Cmaj7) (C)Keep his trust(Cmaj7)
A (F)baby changes everything
A (Am)baby changes everything(G) (F)

And she (Am)cries, (G) (F) oh (Am)she cries (G) (F) 
Ooh, (Am)ooh (G)  (D) (Dmaj7) (D) (Dmaj7)

She (D)has to leave, (Dmaj7) go (D)far away (Dmaj7)
(D)Heaven knows (Dmaj7) (D)she can't stay (Dmaj7)
A (G)baby changes everything

(D)She can feel (Dmaj7) it's (D)coming soon (Dmaj7)
(D)There's no (Dmaj7)place, (D)there's no room (Dmaj7)
A (G)baby changes everything, a baby changes everything

And she (Bm)cries, (A) (G) and she cries, (Bm) (A) (G) oh, (Bm)she cries (A) (G)
(D) (Sheperds all,) (Dmaj7)Shepherds all,
(D) (gather 'round) they (Dmaj7)gather 'round
(D) (Up above, (Dmaj7) a (D)star shines down,) a star(Dmaj7) shines down (G)
(A baby changes everything)

(D)Choir of (Dmaj7) (D) Angels say (Dmaj7)
(D)Glory to(Dmaj7) the (D)newborn (Dmaj7)king
A (G)baby changes everything
A baby changes everything
Every-(Bm)thing, every (A)day, eve-(G)rything
Halle-(Bm)lu-(A) (Bm) (G)jah, hallelu-(Bm) (A)jah, 
halle-(Bm)lujah, (A) hallelujah(G)  (Bm) (A) (G)

(D)My whole (Dmaj7)life is (D)turned a-(Dmaj7)round
(D)I was (Dmaj7)lost but (D)now I'm found(Dmaj7)
A (G)baby changes everything
A baby changes everything

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