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Where Are You Christmas chords - Faith Hill

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Faith Hill Sheet music

**Capo 1**

Intro: A  E  D  E (x2)

A              E         D            E
Where are you Christmas, why can't I find you
A             E    D  E
Why have you gone aw--ay
A             E         D           E
Where is the laughter, you used to bring me
A            E          D  E
Why can't I hear music pl--ay
D            A        D        A
My world is changing, I’m rearranging
D               A        Bm  E      A  E  D  E
Does that mean Christmas cha--nges too

A              E         D            E
Where are you Christmas, do you remember
A            E       D  E
The one you used to kn--ow
D            A         D            A
I'm not the same one, see what the time’s done
D            A      Bm  E    A  
Is that why you had le--t me go

F#m           C#          A   C#         
Christmas is here everywhere ooh
F#m           C#          A                  
Christmas is here if you ca---re oh oh oh
D            E            C#m            D
If there is love in your heart and your mind
Bm                                    E   F#
You will feel like Christmas all the time

B           F#        E         F#
I feel you Christmas, I know I found you
B          F#    E  F# C#
You never fade aw---ay
C#           G#        F#           G#
The joy of Christmas, stays here inside us
C#              G#    F#  G#        C#   G#  F#  G#
Fills each and every he---art with love
               C#       G#         
Where are you Christmas
           F#            G#   C#
Fill your heart with love    mmmm

Chords: (all counted up from the capo position)
A   =   x02220
B   =   x24442(bar chord) or xx4442
Bm  =   x24432(bar chord) or xx4432
C#  =   x46664(bar chord) or xx6664
C#m =   x46654(bar chord) or xx6654
D   =   xx0232
E   =   022100
F#m =   244222(bar chord) 
F#  =   244322(bar chord) 
G#  =   466544(bar chord) 

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