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Colorado chords - Marty Falle

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Marty Falle Sheet music
INTRO      E      ( A-5)  A       ( A-5)  A        
              E                                A
It was like stepping into a cathedral of Ponderosa Pine
Cdim                           G#7               C#m           C#m/B       (A-5)  A      
A gentle rain brings the sweet smell of sagebrush  along the Eagle
F#m7                    B11                     E      G#7   C#m
Romance and ardor imbue my aching heart once again
F#m7                       E
Oh Colorado Take me home.
Chorus –
B                       A               E       B                                 A                      E
Oh Colorado, My Sweet Colorado  It wont be long until I’m back home to you
 F#m7           G#m7                                        A          B11             E
 Oh Colorado, Shower me with your sunshine,   Oh Colorado take me home
E                                      A
I see a Silvery Daisy in the windswept snow
Cdim               G#7             C#m    C#m/B     (A-5)  A
Reminds me of you, and the you  I   used  to   know
F#m7                      B11          E    G#7    C#m
Will I ever have the chance to   love           again?
             A             B11     E
 How  I  love  you             Colorado…
C#m          B                     A                       F#m7                    G#7                  
Hearts rise in the clouds of glory, above the granite peaks of the Rocky Mountain    
C#m        (  E    G#7  )            
C#m                      B                 A
The song flight of a Lark Bunting echoes down the valley
E                   F#m7
Oh Colorado,  shower me w/ your sunshine
A         B11                 E
Oh Colorado…Take me home
(Full Orchestration solo)    
 B    A    E  ,   B    A    E   ,  B    A    E  ,    F#m7    G#m7    A    B11    E
E                                        A
Isnt this the place she wrote America the beautiful”?
Cdim           G#7            C#m  C#m/B    (A-5)  A        
Isnt this the place we fell desperately  in  love?
            F#m7                 B11         E   G#7       C#m
Like the Routt Forest that rolls on forever   and   ever
  F#m7                     B11                   E
I pledge my  endless love to you…  Colorado
      F#m7          B11           E
How I love you.......      Colorado…
  F#m7          B11                        E
Mmmm.....  shower me with your sunshine
   F#m7         B11        E   :ll     OUT..
 ( I love you                       Oh  Colorado)

[Thanks to Marty Falle for tabs]

Marty Falle ChordsMarty Falle Lyrics

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