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It's Tough chords - Marty Falle

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Marty Falle Sheet music
Intro:    Em    Am     Em    Am     D,    Em      Am       D       C     Em
Verse 1
Em                             Am
I used to think I was building us a dream
        Em                                         Am                 D
Now each an every day feels like paddling up stream
                     Em                                     Am                  D
They say "to work is to pray" ,But I’d rather just get paid
        C               Em
It’s's tough

 Verse 2
Em                                                           Am
Y’ Town, ain’t no Boomtown , this ain’t 1963
               Em                                                            Am                    D
All these factories keep  closing down ….....theres nothin’ left for me 
Em                                          Am                        D
    And now you say u have to sell your wedding ring
       C               Em
It’s's tough

C                                            D                                              G        D/F#      Em
There ain’t no easy way, its sweat, blood and faith and the pain     goes       on…
C                                       D                                            G        D/F#         Em
saying I love you, Babe  just ain’t near enough…when life     gets  this  rough…
   C                                                   D                                       G       D/F#               Em
And I broke every promise to your daddy that day…when he said   you could  be   mine
       C          D               Em
It’s tough...Baby      it's tough            ( Repeat  on  2nd  Chorus)              
SOLO:     Em     Am    D ,     Em      Am    D ,    Em      Am      D     C     D      Em
Verse 3 
 Em                                      Am
Here I am again, I go and stand in this line
            Em                                            Am               D
With a hundred other guys that see a help wanted sign
  Em                                         Am             D
But anyone can see this is  the end of the line….
       C                D              Em                  C             D              Em
It’s tough........Baby  it’s  tough         It’s  tough.......Baby it’s  TOUGH!

The Heartland is now a wasteland…
Gone in the gray smoke of this rundown industrial town
and the sons and daughters left in its wake
I still see the ghosts of our Fathers who worked these mills
Your mama warned you, but still u believed me, when I said we would go far
But all those seeds seemed to rust out in the weeds of this abandoned steel yard
And can you ever forgive me for making life this hard?
It’s's tough

Honey, I try so hard each and every day
I hope and pray, do anything,  to make these bills go away
And I know livin’ in Mama’s basement is not where you deserve to stay….
But it’s tuff…It’s tuff

[Thanks to Katie for tabs]

Marty Falle ChordsMarty Falle Lyrics

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