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Wedding Song chords - Marty Falle

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Marty Falle Sheet music
(Words by Marty Falle and John Holmberg/ Music by Marty Falle)

D                                                        G                        D
Do you believe in miracles?,   Do you believe in Love?

                   A                                                 G                           A
How ‘bout things that last forever,  Do you think that could be us?

              D                                            G                  D
And as we are joined together on this very special day

     A                                                G                            D
In front of friends and family, who gives this bride away?

C     G                   C      G      D
Girl forever…is a long, long time       

Bm                      F#m                    G                        A  
I can’t see it any other way in my heart and in my mind

               D                                                  G                         D
Will our love light burn strong and bright, surviving every rain?

               A                                                G                               A
Will our love stand tall, just like a wall, against our fears and pain?

         D                                         G                    D
Will you be there to catch me, if I should ever fall?

               A                                              G                                  D
Will you swear your love to God above because he’s behind it all?

C     G                   C       G       D
Girl forever,.. is a long, long time

Bm                      F#m                    G                        A
I can’t see it any other way in my heart and in my mind.

C         G                C        G         D 
As the river flows, safely to the sea…

F#m           G                     A                        D
That’s the way a love can be, with you and me….
SOLO      D      G       D       A     G       A  ,    D      G      D     A     G     D

G        A             D        G       A           D
Here comes the bride,  all dressed in white

G             A               Bm      G         A                  D
With her man by her side.    For the rest of their lives… 

D                                                G                      D
Yes we believe in miracles and we believe in love

            A                                          G                     A    
And if one thing lasts forever, I am sure it will be us…

        D                                                        G                      D                                           
And whenever I hear church bells, it will take me to this day.

             A                                                    G                         D                        
When I pledged my love forever, and you gave away your name

G         A           Bm      Em7   A              Bm
Here comes the bride…… all dressed in white

G             A                Bm       G          A                D 
With her man by her side,      for the rest of their lives……

  G         A                 D
For the rest of their lives…….

[Thanks to FFM200 for tabs]

Marty Falle ChordsMarty Falle Lyrics

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