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I Fell In Love Again chords - Forester Sisters

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Forester Sisters Sheet music
Album: The Forester Sisters
Written by: Paul Overstreet/Thom Schuyler
Note: Record is in C#

I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN LAST NIGHT       Forester Sisters

capo on 1st fret

C          G                F      G    C              G                F   G
I fell in love again last night        You keep doing everything just right
     F                       G                     
1.) You've got me wrapped around your fingers 
2.) You're the reason my    heart keeps beating

       C                    F
     And every morning our love still lingers
2.) and every morning it   keeps repeating

F           G                C
I, fell in love again last night.

                C         G                    C
1.)  When you kissed me  the way you've alway done
2.)  We were   talking   about some future     plans
             F                  C              D                      F
Like the   first time you were with me and my heart just came      undone
And how     far we've come   together         since the night it all began
F                         C          E                            F    G
Lying here         this mornin'     Boy, I know you're still the one.  go to
Then you reached out to touch me and guess what happened        then.  go to


F           G               C
I, fell in love again last night.
F           G                C
I, fell in love again last night.
F             G               C
in           Love again last night.
F           G                  C
I, fell in love again last night.

instrumental to end.

Forester Sisters ChordsForester Sisters Lyrics

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Forester Sisters

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