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That's What You Do When You're In Love chords - Forester Sisters

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Forester Sisters Sheet music
That’s What You Do (When You’re In Love)
By The Forester Sisters

         G                       D                       A                          D
Well the door’s unlocked and the lights still on and the cover’s turned down on the bed
        G                             D                    E7                        A
And you don’t have to say that you’re sorry anymore, cause honey, I believe what you said
           G                       D                         A                  D
If there’s anybody perfect, well I ain’t seen ‘em yet and we all gotta learn to forgive and forget
G                                 D              G               A                 D
That’s what you do when you’re in love, in love, that’s what you do when you’re in love

        A                               D
Well he called me up to tell me that he wasn’t comin’ home
    A                           D
His guilt was too heavy and his pride was strong
   A                         D
He had a lot to drink and he did me wrong
         E7                      A
Cause he didn’t sleep alone last night

He said the other one couldn’t hold a line to me
But she made him feel young, kinda wild and free
He called home with his guilty plea
Cause he knew he hadn’t done me right
   G                      D 
He expected me to cry and hang up the phone
    E7                 A
But all my heart could say


He said you’re some kinda woman to feel this way
Cause honey, I expected there’d be hell to pay
When a man gets lonely sometimes he’ll stray
And last night I was a lonely man
I said I know that you think I’m bein’ kind and sweet
But loneliness is a two way street
Many times I’ve had to fight the urge to cheat
I’m just sayin’ that I understand
As he stood there thinkin’ bout the words I said
I think he began to see


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