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Letter Home chords - Forester Sisters

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Forester Sisters Sheet music
Letter Home
By The Forester Sisters

Capo 1

A            D                 A 
Dear mama, I hope that your alright
      A                                   D            
I can hear the thunder rolling across the southern sky tonight
Kid's are asleep and the TV’s on and I'm sitting here alone
    D                                    D
And I just thought I'd write this letter home

I was the one you were counting on, the family's high school star
     A                                          D
When Jimmy and me ran off that summer must have broken you and daddy's heart
Yeah we didn't need nobody's help we were 18 years and grown
    D                            A
And I never sent a single letter home

E       D       A                D       
Letters home, I wrote them in my dreams
       E                 D                   A                   E       
Asking if I'd known what I know now would it even have changed a thing
    E               D                      A
The hardest part of looking back is the mistakes are all your own
     D                                   A
It's harder to say that in those letters home

Jimmy found somebody else, he told me that on new year's day
Said he felt like a man with her as I watched him drive away
Children and rent there was no time for tears just time to carry on
I didn't know how to tell you so there was no letter home


I work in a place with some other girls and we're all doing alright
Raise our kids and our jeans still fit and sometimes we go out at night
I'm 29 years young today and I've lived it to the bone
and I just wanted to send you this letter home


It's harder to say that in those letters home
Yeah its so hard to say that in those letters home


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