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Sure Thing chords - Foster & Lloyd

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Foster & Lloyd Sheet music
Sure Thing
By Foster & Lloyd

This was a tough one to get and I may be off in the chorus...this
was the best way I could hear to play along with the song

G  C  Am  D three times

G                C          Am           D 
You're tryin' to hold out until there is no doubt
G               C            Am   D
Loves the kinda game you can win
G           C             Am         D  
Waiting for so long for a love you depend on
Em        C                   C/B C/A  G
I won't do you wrong it's time to  give in

      G    Bm
I'm a sure thing
C       C/B      Am
You think love's a gamble
C                   Am           D              
Take this chance or you'll never know
      Em    Bm    
I'm a sure thing
Am             C/B      C                  D         G
Love can be forever and I'm the one who'll never let go

Somebody hurt you but I'll just forget you
That's not the name of my game
You dream of sure love and I'll dream of your love
Your dream and my dream are one and the same


Bridge: (with key change to A)
Bm                              C 
You could wait around all your life
   Bm                            E 
Or you could end up letting this chance go by
For a sure thing


      A    Gm
I'm a sure thing
D                  Bm
You think love's a gamble
D                   Bm           A 
Take this chance or you'll never know
      A    E
I'm a sure thing
D              D/C#     D                  E         A
Love can be forever and I'm the one who'll never let go 

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