Fools That Dream chords - Radney Foster

Radney Foster Lyrics

            D/F#    - 2X0232
Cadd9   - X32033

Capo 2

Em                    G        D/F#            Em 
The reason's it won't work are more than I can count
              Cadd9                 G     D/F#
A love that's doomed right from the start 
Em          Cadd9                 G                   
This modern world just fills your head with fears and doubts 
     D              Cadd9 
We'd end it now, if we were smart 

        G              D/F#              Em    Cadd9
But the only ones that make love last forever 
    G  D/F#    Cadd9
Are fools that dream 
G                  D/F#              Em      Cadd9
Come on baby let's risk our hearts together 
     G D/F#     Cadd9
Like fools that dream 
Everybody knows someone life dealt a hellish hand God only knows how they survive They tell you love's what got 'em through the dark How they prayed through tears and just called it life Chorus Bridge: Em D/F# If we all walked through this world scared to take a chance Cadd9 D Just imagine where we'd be Em D/F# It's always dreamers that teach us how to dance Cadd9 And I want you to dream with me Chorus We can be fools that dream